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Learn more about carpet floors

This soft-surface flooring is an excellent option for virtually any room inside your house. It is known as a flooring option that is quiet, comforting, and warm.

Maintaining carpet's appearance is simpler than ever with the floor manufacturing technologies of today which have increased its stain-resistance, strength, and softness.

Available in a broad array of styles, patterns, and colors, allows it to fit pretty much any design style.

What is it made of?

It may be made from various materials. Knowing the various types of fibers will assist you in narrowing down your flooring options.

Today’s broadloom floors are mainly designed from one of the following types of fiber:

  • Nylon is among the most sought-after fibers and has been notorious for its durability and high-performance attributes. Nylon provides color, style, and diversity, and typically is less likely to mat down than additional fibers. While durable, it isn’t stain-resistant. Nylon is typically treated using a stain-resistant agent during the process of manufacturing. Generally, nylon is pricier and possesses a reputation for being an all-around best performer.


  • It’s a popular option of fiber. Polyester is stain-resistant and delivers some of the most gorgeous color variations in the market. Polyester also is very fade-resistant and thereby a popular choice for spaces exposed to long spans of sunlight.


  • Non-synthetic and all-natural, wool floor coverings is truly a green product. Wool has outstanding durability and resilience, although it may wear after many years of being used. Wool carpet in Anaheim, CA also is naturally stain-resistant and also cleans well. But, since it may hold as much as 10 times its weight in moisture, specialized care is necessary while cleaning wool.


  • Triexta is a newer industry fiber. Triexta was designed of the same general chemical composition and originally was defined as a polyester. Now, it’s recognized as being more resilient and durable than traditional polyester, while possessing the same superior properties of being stain resistant.


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The details on this page help you decide the best carpeting solutions for your house. From our showroom, in Anaheim, CA we proudly serve the areas of Anaheim, Fullerton, Villa Park, Buena Park, Yorba Linda, CA. When you visit Anaheim Carpet and Flooring, the local carpet store, a consultant will assist you in finalizing your carpet flooring choice and ensure that the new floor meets the needs of your area.
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