Nylon vs. polyester: what is the difference?

Nylon vs. polyester: what is the difference?

Nylon is a highly durable carpet fiber, which makes it appropriate for the high-traffic areas of your home. Most homeowners choose this fiber for places like the living room or family room. Polyester is not as durable as nylon, so it is better suited for places like the bedroom, where there is less traffic. At Anaheim Carpet and Flooring, we offer carpeting in many styles and colors, so you are sure to find the one that fits your home the best.

Resistance to stains

Nylon is a fiber that has to be treated with a chemical to make it resistant to staining. For example, a spilled glass of wine will penetrate untreated nylon fiber. However, that exact wine will not affect polyester at all. Polyester is a hydrophobic fiber, meaning that it is naturally resistant to stains.

Resistance to crushing

Nylon is the more resilient of the two fibers. Nylon will return to its normal state after being walked on rather than staying crushed. This also holds for heavy furniture and heavy electronics. When they are removed from the room, the nylon will return to its original state, and you can't tell that they were even in the room. Polyester is softer. It is less resilient. So it is better for those areas that don’t have a lot of heavy furniture or traffic.

Resistance to fading

Polyester has a higher number of colored fibers than nylon, so that you will see nylon in a matte or grey color. However, polyester is usually a bright and vibrant color. This is because both are resistant to fading. But carpet manufacturers warn against placing carpet in direct sunlight.


Of the two, polyester is more eco-friendly. This is because it is made from plastic bottles that have been recycled. This production cost makes it cheaper than nylon, so the price of polyester is lower than nylon. However, for the eco-conscious, this may be the more desirable choice.

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