Choosing a durable flooring type

Choosing a durable flooring type

So you want new floors? Great! Anaheim Carpet and Flooring can help you. But the floors that you have didn't hold out. That's okay; we have floors that have excellent durability to them, lasting for years.

Tile flooring

The first floor that comes to mind when seeking durability is tile. Tile comes in two types, ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic is made of special clay with additional ingredients of field spar and sand mixed in. This affects its hardness and water resistance to a degree. Porcelain is also made of the same special clay. Both are fired in hot kilns till they reach a hardness and density that makes them impervious to cracking.

Luxury vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring, especially luxury vinyl, is another very durable product on the market. It’s one of our top sellers! What makes vinyl so durable? It’s the several layers of vinyl pressed together tightly. The core of luxury vinyl is made of a plastic wood composite or stone composite. This is, in essence, a waterproof layer that doesn’t ripple, warp, or curl when exposed to water.

There is a firm backing layer that goes against the subfloor. Then there is a top layer. This top layer resists dents, scratches, and scuffs. Some manufacturers even put another layer of durability on top of the top layer. The real key, though, is the thickness of the vinyl. On average, most vinyl is 8 millimeters thick. But you can get thicker, up to 20 millimeters, if you want, that adds life to the floor.

We carry many durable flooring options

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