Tips for choosing a carpet flooring color

Tips for choosing a carpet flooring color

Today, trendy carpet colors mix well with many decorating styles, so it's easy to find the best carpeting for your home.

The flooring specialists at Anaheim Carpet and Flooring in Anaheim, California, can help you with 'technicalities' like choosing a carpet color that is a few tones different from wall colors and ensuring that color and natural light are harmonious.

Neutral colors

Neutral carpet colors complement any walls, and furnishings are always a good option. Gray has replaced beige as THE neutral color, and with hues that range from cloud to charcoal, you won't have trouble finding the right shade for your decor. A shade of blue is another option.

Natural fibers

Rugs made of natural fibers like jute and sisal are a great alternative to carpeting that is neutral in color. Like hardwood flooring, jute and sisal rugs have an upscale appearance that enhances any decorating style. Go wall-to-wall with the rug, and add colorful throw rugs if desired.

Earthy colors

Earthy colors easily fit into room design like neutral colors, and since the colors are found in nature, they add an outdoor-type element like natural fibers. On the other hand, dull shades of red, brown, orange, green, tan, black, and white bring an understated look to any home space.

More colors

Carpeting is a versatile floor covering reflected in a range of trendy styles. Cool tone colors - purple, blue, or green - promote a relaxing ambiance, while Berber-style carpet hides dirt with its light background and flecks of dark colors. Colorful patterns are always appealing.

Your area’s flooring store

Family-owned Anaheim Carpet and Flooring install carpeting, and we offer other services like free in-home estimates. Our carpet store has served Californians in Fullerton, Villa Park, Buena Park, Yorba Linda, and nearby areas since 1955. So begin your carpet upgrade today with a visit to Anaheim Carpet and Flooring.